Design Your Own Scripture Tote

Here's how it works: Pick a size, a fabric and a ribbon. This is your basic bag (Large basic bag and ribbon is $3.80. Small basic bag and ribbon is $3.40). Then you can add accessories if you'd like, each at an additional cost (fringe, flowers and pearls). Have fun!

Large Totes: $2.80 (holds xtra large and large scriptures)
Small Totes: $2.40 (holds compact sized scriptures)

Pink & White Damask Tote

Aqua Blue & Champagne Tote

Green & Brown Tote

Multicolored Peacock Tote

Some more fabrics to choose from...
Deep Red and Green Flower Multi

Fall Orange Swirl

Pink and Brown Polka Dot

Zebra Print

Pink & Green Flower Multi

Black & White Damask

12 different ribbons will be offered for the handles and a strip across the front of the bag. $1

Ribbons Offered: White, Lime Green, Chocolate Brown, Teal Blue ($1)

Ribbons Offered: Cream, Dark Purple, Forest Green, Beige ($1)

Ribbons Offered: Hot pink, Champagne, Aqua Blue, Red ($1)

Large Hot Pink Flower (also offered in white) $.80

Large Yellow Flower $.80

Daisy Flowers $1.70 each
White Daisy

Red Daisy

Light Pink Daisy

Purple Daisy

Salmon/Pink Daisy

Teal Blue Daisy

Sage Green Daisy

Cream Daisy

Fringe will be offered to decorate the top of the bag.
Fringe for a large bag: $2.35
Fringe for a small bag: $1.20
Black Fringe

Hot Pink Fringe

White Fringe

Pearls to place in the center of the flower (8) $.20
See aqua blue & champagne tote for example