Muffin Tin Advent Calendar- $9

This adorable craft comes with two number styles.
Style #1

Style #2

Holiday Beadboard & Metal Signs- $13.50

6 Different Holiday signs will be offered- each $13.50

Here are the other 5 signs offered:
If you click on the picture it will become larger and you can see it better.

Chores Vinyl Board- $12.50

Because there is such a variety in paint options as well as an idea of what chores are, paint for the board and the laminated chore cards are NOT included. The file to personalize and laminate your own chore cards will be emailed to you.

Design Your Own Scripture Tote

Here's how it works: Pick a size, a fabric and a ribbon. This is your basic bag (Large basic bag and ribbon is $3.80. Small basic bag and ribbon is $3.40). Then you can add accessories if you'd like, each at an additional cost (fringe, flowers and pearls). Have fun!

Large Totes: $2.80 (holds xtra large and large scriptures)
Small Totes: $2.40 (holds compact sized scriptures)

Pink & White Damask Tote

Aqua Blue & Champagne Tote

Green & Brown Tote

Multicolored Peacock Tote

Some more fabrics to choose from...
Deep Red and Green Flower Multi

Fall Orange Swirl

Pink and Brown Polka Dot

Zebra Print

Pink & Green Flower Multi

Black & White Damask

12 different ribbons will be offered for the handles and a strip across the front of the bag. $1

Ribbons Offered: White, Lime Green, Chocolate Brown, Teal Blue ($1)

Ribbons Offered: Cream, Dark Purple, Forest Green, Beige ($1)

Ribbons Offered: Hot pink, Champagne, Aqua Blue, Red ($1)

Large Hot Pink Flower (also offered in white) $.80

Large Yellow Flower $.80

Daisy Flowers $1.70 each
White Daisy

Red Daisy

Light Pink Daisy

Purple Daisy

Salmon/Pink Daisy

Teal Blue Daisy

Sage Green Daisy

Cream Daisy

Fringe will be offered to decorate the top of the bag.
Fringe for a large bag: $2.35
Fringe for a small bag: $1.20
Black Fringe

Hot Pink Fringe

White Fringe

Pearls to place in the center of the flower (8) $.20
See aqua blue & champagne tote for example

Hair Posies- $.75 cents each

A variety of fabrics will be available to make these precious posies. Clips are included.

Personalized Photo Keyholder- $10

Bring 4 of your favorite photos along to make this your own.


Temple Name Bracelet- $2

Rose Cuff Bracelet $.75 cents each

Offered in 4 colors: Red, Pink, White & Purple

Childrens Play Guitar- $3.75

A childs play guitar made out of wood. Measures Approximately 2 feet long 7 inches wide

Colors offered: Deep purple, navy blue (as shown above) & yellow. If you have another color preference, please bring it with you.


Helen Edwards is going to give instruction on how to put any design you want (cupcake, heart, crown, candle, flower, pumpkin, christmas tree, etc) of an applique on clothing or a towel of your choice. Instruction and appliques are free, please just bring your item that you want to put the applique on. Below are some examples of what she can show you how to do

Girl Minnie Mouse Applique

Boy Blue Monster Applique

Boy Green Monster Applique

Boy Red Monster Applique

Girl Birthday Cupcake Applique

Girl Crown Applique