Christmas Countdown Blocks
(each side of these blocks have numbers to cover each day of the month. Christmas paper will be provided. If you have some specific paper you like, please bring it to use.)

12x12 Temple Plaque

Lightbulb Snowman
$.50 each

Priesthood Line of Authority 8x10 Frame
(please give the line info to Mela or Summer to prepare by November 8th)

6x6 Temple Plaque
"Boy Font"

6x6 Temple Plaque
"Girl font"

Placemat Purse
Full purse- $10
Bring your own placemat- $6

We are offering 3 choices of placemats: A,B & C as shown below. The green placemat purse made up (shown above) is not available to make. Please specify which placemat you would like to order by A, B or C. IF you would like to bring your own and just order the handles, you are welcome to do so.



The following 2 chalkboards are available in two frame options and three color options:

~Garnet (as show on the menu board)
~Fresco Red (as show on the FHE board)

The only difference in price is due to the frame.

Family Home Evening Chalkboard
$13 (in this frame)
$27 (in the larger frame)
Color shown: Fresco Red

Kitchen Menu Chalkboard
$27 (in this frame)
$13 (in the smaller frame)
Color shown: Garnet