How to print the order form

Some of you have had trouble printing the order form off the blog. Here is how I did it. I am using Internet Explorer 7, so it may be different if you are using a different set up.
1. Click on the picture of the order form.
2. Click on the arrow next to the print button and select print preview.
3. Change the paper layout to be landscape instead of portrait. (The little pictures that look like a piece of paper up at the top of the screen. It is automatically set for portrait, so you need to select the one next to it to make it landscape)
4. Next, where is says "Shrink to Fit" you need to change it to 50%.
5. Then just click the print button (looks like a printer.)

Hope that helps! You can always call me and I'll walk you through it if you need help! Becky (623) 327-9873